Ways to Improve Teacher-Student Connection

Ways to Improve Teacher-Student Connection

Ways to Improve Teacher-Student Connection


Gone are the days when teachers used to read and explain chapters and students kept quite just trying to understand what is being said. Today, the passive method of learning does not apply. While teachers are trying their best to make students learn, the latter is also into active listening and responding every day. The combo of an active teacher and a smart student, in turn, has led to the evolution of interactive learning. Though this active learning technique is effective, it is very important that an efficient student teacher relationship is established for expected fruitful results.

When teachers and students start developing and building connections, the pedagogical measures are more beneficial. If you are teacher and aspire to establish strong academic relationships with students, here are a few tips that can help you do so:

Increase classroom interaction

Ensuring classroom engagement is the most important thing to focus on. Hence, make sure you make the classroom sessions interactive. There is a teacher who reads chapters, least bothered about how much involved students are. And then, there are teachers who want their children top engage in the lessons. Top check, they ask questions and plan activities to help students involve in whatever they are studying. If you do this, your relationship with kids will build stronger.

Invite feedback

One of the best qualities of a good teacher is that they are always ready for feedback. It is not necessary that the approach you follow to make the lessons effective for students are what your students want. Thus, ask your kids if they find your approach effective. If not, take their feedback and try to understand what works the best for the classroom. Once you know what they want, you can strategize your lesson plan accordingly.

Open to communication

Another significant thing that you, as a teacher, must adopt is to be accessible to your students. The students might have issues with the lessons and they might want you to attend to them instantly. Else, they may not remember the same in the next class. Be open to communication outside the classroom. This will build your connection even stronger. The in person interactions would be even more interactive in some cases. Grow personal bond with each of the students and see how effective it turns out to be.

Final Words

As teachers, you might be of an opinion that how can you be so accessible and available to students. It might not be good for your image. But, today, students are fond of having mentors and guides who they are free to talk to and discuss things. Building such connection does not only help students to learn from you, but lets you groom yourself as a teacher. When you know what students actually want from you, you can design and plan the classroom sessions more perfectly.

Try the above techniques and see how effective it turns out to be.




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