Key Essentials of Life

Key Essentials of Life
Vande Mataram!
Due to the untiring efforts of the great leaders / freedom fighters of our nation
under oppressive conditions, we all are fortunate of being born in independent
India. As the citizens of this great nation we need to re-dedicate ourselves to build
a stronger and developed nation.
There are a few important things on which we should draw our attention to-
1) Sovereignty on oneself- Life is full of mystery, it will bring up unexpected things for us.
     Let’s elaborate this point-
    *Life becomes much better when we focus on self-growth rather than
     bothering about other people's affairs,.
*Take our own decisions independently which ultimately will make us self-
reliant and self- confident.
*Possess absolute control over own's mind and thoughts, which will make us
better and wise human beings.
Remember we are the creator of our own destiny. So being sovereign is very
2) A balanced vegetarian diet, rich in essential nutrients, when paired with
regular exercise and meditation will ensure that we maintain a healthy,
happy sense of physical and mental wellbeing, even around stressful exam
times and deadlines. Thus, neither the mind nor the body can be neglected.
We must constantly strive to keep both body and mind healthy with proper
food, rest , exercise and meditation.
3) It is necessary to select the company wisely because the people we interact
with can either draw us up or bring us down. A company has a huge effect
on a person’s behaviour, success, or nature. If we are surrounded by
intellectual people then we also become like them i.e. intelligent. Also, if we
are surrounded by people who possess bad habits then we too become like
them. It is wisely said that the qualities get transferred from man to man.
These qualities can either make or mar our future. Thus, all of us must spend
the most of our times with the people who have good qualities.
A healthy body and a healthy mind leads to a happy and blessed life.




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