From our dynamic teachers

 From our dynamic teachers

काल करे सो आज कर, आज करे सो अब ।
पल में प्रलय होएगी, बहुरि करेगा कब ॥


The great seers and saints of various faiths and religions have time and again very dearly conveyed the importance of time and the immense results it has brought forth in achieving prolific desired results.

The above verse of the great saint Kabir Das ji has shared his supreme learning with us relating to the importance of time. It conveys to us to wean the languid attitude and to do the work that needs to be done immediately without procrastinating.

A person with a lackadaisical attitude shows no enthusiasm and puts forth a half-hearted effort. However, it's more of a dreamy, laid back approach rather than sheer laziness. Students who display a passive-aggressive personality style may be dreamy and languid in a variety of ways. They will be extremely tardy, absent- minded in class, running late and being way too late past the due time when submitting assignments, to simply being late to school and many more.

This attitude is obviously a display of resistance or defiance to do the expected things. When questioned about this habitual tardiness and deficient in alertness, students will give you all possible reasons to justify and give excuses in such a manner where the other party ends up feeling culpable or are usually caught off guard and disarmed by such reasons to counsel them thereon.  We are made to feel these excuses as authentic extenuations.

It is utmost importance to address this lackadaisical attitude immediately among students so that it is not shrugged off either as issue of least importance saying students will grow out of it with age or transferring the blame onto parents or teachers.

It is important to consider this deficient attitude as the subject of most importance based on the below perspective:

  • Punctuality and self-discipline are important responsibilities to be borne entirely by the student, not the parents or the teachers’ – Let’s not shift the blame. It is not helping solve anything.
  • Prioritizing various responsibilities, sharing the accountability with children to cultivate healthy habits and uprooting lethargic attitude is the most important attitude to be developed for lifelong progress of any student.
  • Tardiness among few students when is accepted often leads to a rude and disruptive form of behavior rising as a cult of easy alternative in most of the students. It is like that rotten apple left in the fruit basket which has spread to other healthy apples resulting in a basket full of bad apples.
  • By allowing unenergetic habits and excusing such attitude is a sign of devaluation and contempt of one’s own values and education. Though it is unconscious in nature yet when it turns into an integral human attribute beyond correction is the worst side effect which cannot be forfeited later when regret sets in about such behavior.
  • Habitual languid of any type among any people be it parents or instructors is the first thing to be checked and corrected and it is not an ideal model for any students.

Strict discipline, rules and awareness of adverse consequences will only allow a self check to this lackadaisical attitude in pupil. When we allow using a clear, fair and proportionate set of rules to be followed and lead by example this can be easily corrected.

It requires a change in consciousness, a herculean task, though not impossible. Cultivating positive habits, relatable and achievable goals will make way for big revolutionary changes. Now, it is established that being languid-tardy-lackadaisical, dreamy or lethargic is not at all an option to nurture in one self.  The challenging part is to find ways and means to slowly wean it and gradually uproot it from our life.

Few tips for the same for virtuous and efficient habits in students to remove such lackadaisical attitude which are scientific and actionable steps to cure laziness:

  1. Cut out distractions: Stop using your smart phones, TV (or video games or whatever else you practice being lazy with). At least try to cut out the major one. You will notice a huge improvement in your energy when you completely quit using these major distractions.
  2. Start doing positive things every day: Anything which triggers inspiration and motivation like reading a book, following a healthy routine of taking a walk or meditation. Don’t miss a day and after a while it will be a routine. Start tuning into what makes you feel passionate. If listening to music is a happy factor then combine it with your not so motivating routine.
  3. Stop eating junk food. Switch to healthy eating habits.  Identify the foods that make you feel lazy and stop consuming them.
  4. Hydrate yourself: When your body is not sufficiently hydrated, you develop brain fog which prevents you from having a clear mind. So, simple mantra is to keep oneself adequately hydrated.
  5. Work out regularly:  Sitting at once place and having less moment can also cause your mind to be lazy. Work out regularly it helps drive the laziness away.
  6. Eat enough: Eating less can also make you feel lazy. When your brain lacks glucose it doesn’t work that well and makes you feel lazy. Eat healthy, eat enough.
  7. Have a stress buster:  You can bust stress by doing a variety of activities like going to the gym, cycling, running, playing an outdoor sport, hanging out with friends anything that diverts your mind in a healthy way.
  8. Adequate Sleep:Always have adequate sleep; not more, not less. Adequate sleep re-energizes you and keeps you prepared for a new day. Sleeping for 6–8 hours is enough.
  9. Break the chain of bad habits:Don’t go hard on yourself yet don’t be easy too and break the bad habits. Once the chain is broken it is easier to cultivate new good habits.
  10. Choose logically:Do the difficult part first and leave easy for later. This way you will not feel lethargic to initiate any task and would just be prioritizing tasks in a better way.
  11. Use your body to crush your mind:Procrastination is state of human mind, you can’t be perfect. Sometimes it is okay to procrastinate. However, how much of it is okay is the right question to ask oneself. Our habits become our addictions.So, start breaking your habits.Only a good habit can kill a bad habit.So go to war!


When you are lazy that means there is no focused goal at that particular moment. So, define that for yourself . Remove all the distractions and always make the right choices.

Follow the 5-second rule: This rule is no brainer. It simply states that if you have an instinct to act on a goal, you must physically move within 5 seconds or your brain will kill it.

The moment that alarm goes off……

The moment that you decide to finish a chapter…..

The moment that workout idea kicks in…….

Whatever it might be……

Just start addressing this ultimatum to yourself:






Go! Go! Go!

Self-discipline, doing one thing at a time, avoiding super procrastination, appreciating your free time, getting yourself a schedule are few easy steps to reach out successfully towards destinations.


By-Ms.Purnima Kasiraju




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