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CBSE cum Cambridge (CIE) Integrated Curriculum | Nursery - Grade XII | Day cum Residential Campus | IIT-JEE & NEET Academy (Grades VI - XII) | CBSE Affiliation#3630272

  • Advanced Tech Learning

    The educational value for student learning through advanced technologies is immense and therefore we follow scientific steps to build a thriving immersive learning environment. Each and every classroom is equipped with high-end interactive multimedia "Senses" board with the best advanced AI enabled software which enhances the children's learning.

  • Open Learning

    We empower our students to be independent learners, work with their peers in groups and to develop skills that help them collaborate with others. Our teachers encourage students to be innovative and recognize their creative ideas without being judgemental.

  • Physical Activities

    We believe that physical fitness is the foundation for holistic development, therefore, we make sure that students get an opportunity to play and develop the skills in any game, one is interested in. Our dedicated expert coaches for various games, train the students intensively and encourage them to participate in different competitions.

  • Passionate Educators

    We are a team of dedicated teachers and management, who constantly enhance our skills to develop our students as highly empathetic global citizens.


To create responsible, caring, knowledgeable citizens through an education that amalgamates 21st Century skills with ethics and character-building in order to develop a peaceful pluralistic world.


Forging to develop competent, creative, compassionate, and critical thinkers for creating a serene world.

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Best CBSE & CAMBRIDGE International School in Hyderabad

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We are group of teachers who really love children and enjoy every moment of teaching

Why Rockwoods Is the Best International Residential School In Hyderabad?
Why Rockwoods Is the Best International Residential School In Hyderabad?

At Rockwoods, we consciously train our students to develop a healthy body and a healthy mind through proper exercise, diet and meditation. We also create an eco system around the students to enable this process to actualise. This gives Rockwoodians an added advantage and holds them in good stead in life. The core values of Rockwoods are Achievement, Growth Mindset, Trust and Health which permeates each and every field of the school's operations making it a best CBSE school in Hyderabad.

Why Education is Paramount ?
Why Education is Paramount ?

The education system in India has evolved to a great extent from the Vedic days to today’s computer age and e-learning. However, there is one thing that remains common, and that is the importance of education. The education system has not only evolved in India but, across the globe and this is only for the better. Education plays a paramount role in the modern technological world. With the technology change, we are blessed with many ways to enhance our education level.

How are teachers using social media for learning in school?
How are teachers using social media for learning in school?

Social media has made the world a global village. We are well connected with all parts of the world and this has enabled our teachers to learn from the best resources globally to enhance the students learning experiences. We organise series of webinars with the best speakers across the world to enrich all the stake holders of the school, making Rockwoods, one of the best international schools in Hyderabad.

 From our dynamic teachers
From our dynamic teachers

The great seers and saints of various faiths and religions have time and again very dearly conveyed the importance of time and the immense results it has brought forth in achieving prolific desired results.


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