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Rockwoods International School is a co-educational day cum Residential school located amidst the serene environs of lush greeneries on the outskirts of the Hyderabad city. The School was founded by a group of NITians, IITians and Doctors with a vision on the Holistic Development of the Child.

Rockwoods International School is ranked as one of the Best Emerging Schools in Hyderabad by Times School Rankings. It is ranked 2nd in Telangana and 6th in India in Blended Learning by the Education World. It is awarded the SWACHH School from the Municipality Corporation. It is rated as one of the Best CBSE|CAMBRIDGE schools in Ghatkesar, Hyderabad.

Admissions are given on a first come first serve basis depending on the availability of seats. All information related to admissions is given for clear and succinct understanding of the prospective students and parents.

Age Criteria

This is as per the present policy. However the age criteria is subject to change under the National Education Policy Guidelines.

Nursery: 2 ½
LKG : 3 ½
UKG: 4 ½
Grade 1: 5 ½
Grade 2: 6 ½
Grade 3: 7 ½
Grade 4: 8 ½
Grade 5: 9 ½
Grade 6: 10 ½
Grade 7: 11 ½
Grade 8: 12 ½
Grade 9: 13½
Grade 10: 14 ½
Grade 11: 15 ½
Grade 12: 16 ½

Admission Procedure

  • 1 School will issue a notification in the month of November/December through a banner/circular to existing parents/in the website and other digital media modes.
  • 2 Parents desiring to seek admission should approach the school office or apply through the website and seek an application and brochure from the Parent’s Relation Managers.
  • 3 Parent is then given a date and an orientation is held for the parents. Parents are given a virtual or actual tour of the school. The school’s academic programs, co-curricular activities and other special programs conducted for the all-round development of the children are explained to the parents.
  • 4 School follows an inclusive policy and therefore admissions are on a first come first serve basis. No child is denied admission on the basis of any academic or physical challenges. However, from Grade 2 onwards there is an entrance test conducted for the students. The test is an online one.
  • 5 If the school has a greater number of applications than seats, then the admission will be strictly on a lottery basis in the presence of the parents and the School Management Committee and a couple of new parents seeking admission (picked up randomly) to allow for transparency of the procedure.
  • 6 If the parent does not pay the fee within the stipulated time, then the seat will be allotted to the student next in the order.
  • 7 Admission for Pre primary and grade 1 will be purely on a first come first serve basis. Admission for grade 2 to 10 is on merit basis, subject to the student clearing the entrance test.

The Process Of Admission

  • Step 1 : Filling of enquiry form.
  • Step 2 : PRM briefs parent about the school and takes them on a tour of the school. When the school is physically functioning parents will be taken on an inside tour only on Saturday’s and non working days but on a working day they will be taken only on a virtual tour. (This is for the safety of the students.)
  • Step 3 : The parent can then pick the application form and the brochure after payment of Rs. 500/- and post this the PRM fixes an appointment with the Principal on the same day or another day.
  • Step 4 : The parents will meet the Principal. Here they will be briefed on the curriculum and other academic and non academic processes.
  • Step 5 : For students from Grade 2 to 12, an entrance test will be administered and post which they are given a school tour and then the application and brochure and then they meet the Principal same day or on another day as per the appointment fixed.
  • Step 6 : After meeting the Principal, if the student is selected, then they will complete the admission process.

Documents to be submitted at the time of admission for grades II to XI

  • TC from a recognized school.From Grade II to XII a Transfer Certificate from a recognized school alreadyattended by the student must be attached with the admission form along withthe scholastic card of the child’s previous class attended.
  • If the student is fromanother state then counter signature from the state authority is mandatory.
  • If the student is from another country then counter signature from the respectiveembassy is essential.
  • For grades Nursery to 1: Birth certificate, 2 passport sized photographs, adhar card , residence proof, caste certificate, minority certificate if any.

Withdrawal Procedure

  • 1 Requisition for Transfer certificate must be made personally by the parents on or before 31st March of any given academic year. Term fee will be charged if the child attends school in the new session even for a day.
  • 2 If a parent cancels admission of the student and if the student does not attend even a single day then 50% of the term I fee will be refunded, however caution deposit (if paid) refund will be 100%.
  • 3 Process of withdrawal:
    • Application for TC to be given stating the reason for the same. A no due format should be given consisting of no dues from library, labs, computer lab, cafeteria, accounts department, class teacher and from classteacher.
    • Attendance and the number of working daystill date and the students 2nd language and 3rd language.
    • An exit interview will be conducted by the PRM for the parent.
    • TC will be prepared, entered in the admission and withdrawal register.
    • Student’s name will be removed in MCB and PRM’s whatsapp broadcast list.

Fee Structure (Day Scholar): 2023-2024

Grade Total Fee 1st Term Fee 2nd Term Fee 3rd Term Fee
Nursery 91000 33000 33000 25000
PP1 91000 33000 33000 25000
PP2 91000 33000 33000 25000
I 101000 38000 33000 30000
II 101000 38000 33000 30000
III 111000 38000 38000 35000
IV 111000 38000 38000 35000
V 111000 38000 38000 35000
VI 121000 43000 43000 35000
VII 121000 43000 43000 35000
VIII 121000 43000 43000 35000
IX 131500 48000 44000 39000
X 131000 48000 44000 39000
XI Science (Including Intensive IITJEE or NEET Coaching) 141500 48000 48000 45000
XI Commerce Stream 141500 48000 48000 45000
One time Fee (For all grades) (Only at the time of admission, not for every year) 20500 20500 0 0
XII Commerce Stream 141000 48000 48000 45000
XII Science (Including Intensive IITJEE or NEET Coaching) 141000 48000 48000 45000
NEET LT 150000 50000 50000 50000
VI - X (IITJEE & NEET Foundation Fee) (Olympiad Course) (Optional) 10000 10000

Frequently Asked Questions related to admissions

What exam boards is the school affiliated with?

The School is affiliated with the CBSE Board.

Which Classes/Grades does the school offer?

Nursery through Class XII. School also has an Academy which coaches students for IIT-JEE, NEET, CLAT and CA Foundations. School also offers long term coaching for NEET aspirants.

What is the distinguishing feature of the education imparted by the school?

Rockwoods International School is committed to excellence in education. School has always striven for quality in both academic, co-curricular and holistic development of the child. We build the life skills necessary for a child's success in a nurturing values based environment, so every Rockwoodianmoves forward with confidence. We have limited numbers of students and our curriculum is rich with co-curricular activities, however, we prioritize educational quality above everything. We offer personalized teaching and more participation opportunities for all our students. Children are encouraged to question and validate the learned concepts through interactive play, hands on experience, activities and presentations that improve their understanding and reasoning skills. Each child is encouraged to develop skills that enable discovering, validating, communicating and applying concepts with clarity, accuracy and confidence and that is what enables our students to excel.

What ratio of teacher-student is followed?

Our staff-student ratio is 1:1.5. Each of our classes have just 30 students. Our well-qualified and experienced staff put in exceptional efforts to bring out the best in the students. Innovative methods are continually absorbed into the system to enhance learning. The progress of each child is continuously followed up and monitored.

What are the co and extra-curricular activities offered by the school?

The school offers several extracurricular activities integrated within the regular school curriculum which includes Keyboard, Dramatics, Social Service club, Literary club, Science and Eco club, Music, Dance, Pottery, Communication Skills development, computer education, art, library, creative writing, General Knowledge & Spelling Quiz competitions, Elocution competitions, music, Singing and Storytelling, STEM education, Model United Nations, Model TED Ex clubs, among others. Sporting activities offered include Basketball, Cricket, Football, Gymnastics, Kho-Kho, Track and Field events, Skating, Throwball, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball and Yoga. The schools conduct an annual sports day where students showcase their sporting activities for the parent community.

What if my child is sick or hurt in the school?

The schools contain a well-equipped medical room with first aid facilities and each school is associated with a nearby doctor/clinic in the event of an emergency. Medical checkups of all the children are conducted on a yearly basis.

How many and what types of laboratories does the school provide?

Experiential learning plays a key role in our education today. The school has well equipped and safe science laboratories (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Mathematics laboratories, Computer laboratories with digital classrooms.

How is your school library?

School has a spacious library where a number of books/journals, magazines are available with trained librarian where children can read at ease. Our library contains about 6000 books. We subscribe to children’s magazines and educational journals for enrichment of our students and staff. Encyclopedia’s and computers with internet access are available to support research activities.

What type of teaching methods/pedagogies are followed?

To excel in today’s fast moving, team oriented and remotely connected world our school helps students build the skills, values and confidence in both their personal and academic lives. For this we have developed our unique blend of systems and pedagogies. We build skills of enquiry and problem solving by encouraging divergent thinking through collaborative and cooperative activities. Visual, Audio and Experiential aided learning is encouraged through an integrated curriculum to cater to the multiple intelligences of our children. Our well educated and seasoned teachers are aware of the different systems in learning whether it is Blooms taxonomy or Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligenceand they are trained to integrate them into their teaching modules.

Number of days spent annually on teacher training?

Professional development of our staff is a priority with constant enrichment opportunities made available. The staff are kept abreast with the most effective and innovative methodologies in teaching. Throughout the year around 10 to 12 teacher training sessions are conducted for the staff. Teachers are given the freedom to innovate and encouraged to share best practices within the schools.

What curricula school is providing?

Rockwoods International School is offering both CBSE and Cambridge Curricula.

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