Indoor Infrastructure

Rockwoods International School is located in a sprawling five acre campus, with a state of art infrastructure in sports. Each classroom is equipped with digital boards, facilities are provided for visual and performing arts – music, dance, indoor sports, gymnastics and various other activities. Well-equipped laboratories is offered for Computers, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Health and wellness room is accessible for students for life skills and counselling.


Each classroom is spacious, and the desks and chairs comply with international standards with rounded edges and ergonomically comfortable for students. There is space for the faculty to move around the class and reach each child. Every class is equipped with an interactive digital board which has the latest technology. There are bulletin boards to ensure that students work is displayed. Storage spaces are present to keep the students' books within school campus for reduced bag weight. The classroom environment is enabling for effective learning to happen.

Art Room

Art fosters creative and intellectual development in every child. The art room drives each child to be curious and original in their work while they study a variety of art forms such as 2 D and 3 D art and art mediums like acrylic, charcoal, water, dry pastels, pencil colouring and so on. Our Art room provides a great learning experience for the students.

Multi Purpose Hall

A multi-purpose hall is provided which is used by the students for conferences, seminars, model Ted talks and so on.


Our library is a spacious 1200 sft space which houses more than 7000 books. Our library is a center for learning and plays a crucial role in boosting innovation, problem solving and creativity. Here students read, access relevant information, refer books for research-based projects. Library has a variety of books for all genres comprising of fiction, reference books, tell me why books, periodicals, journals, encyclopedias, and many more.


There are totally 6 labs in the school for Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, and 2 for Computers. Each lab is well equipped with all the required material to enable students to have hands – on experience.
Science being a practical subject it is imperative to use science labs effectively. Our laboratory supports various kinds of projects which students do on a regular basis. Labs promote a spirit of investigation and testing and serves the learning interests of our students.
Computer labs have the advanced systems to support effective teaching and learning. School also subscribes to the Next Learning Platform and Oxford Advantage, Learning Management Systems (LMS) to enable students and teachers for simulating experiments even in online mode. Computer lab is a hub for inter-disciplinary activities and students use this for their project-based learning, research based investigatory projects and so on. 

Music Room

Music is given importance as a part of the school curriculum. Our music room has all the basic equipments like keyboard, guitar, drums, and others which are accessible to students.


All students who are sick are sent here until the parent comes and picks them up. Infirmary also has all the basic medicines for immediate first aid to the student. School has a tie up with a hospital for immediate requirements in case of any emergency.


Keeping in view one of our core values of providing the right health for every student, our cafeteria serves nutritious meals. Our mess is a spacious and each meal is served hygienically by the staff who follow all the norms of safety and hygiene. The menu is prepared by our student council in consultation with a dietician and is wholesome.

Outdoor & Sports Facilities

Outdoor Auditorium

Spacious outdoor auditorium is present to hold the school assemblies which empower students to make daily presentations, overcome stage fear.

Football Ground

A mini football ground is the favourite place for the students. The entire ground is covered with grass. Here students play under the guidance of an expert coach to participate in various tournaments both in and outside the school.

Basketball Court

A fantastic state of art basketball court is there for students. Each student plays for the team and the team is there for the students. They are coached and play the sport in its right spirit. This is one of the popular sports amongst the students.

Tennis Court

The tennis court gives students not only the spirit to play the game but also the right mental balance to do so.

Co-Curricular Enhancement Program

Education beyond the classrooms

Reading Resource

Avid Reading is encouraged at our school. We have a huge collection of books, and we motivate students to enroll in reading programmes, storytelling workshops. Our children are introduced to the importance of reading at a very early age which helps them to improvise in spoken and written languages and give wings to their imagination. One of the most important programs we use is Google Read Along App.

Model United Nation (MUN)

A conference that allows the students to discuss, debate and deliver! We hosted the first conference in 2020 and this has now become an annual event. School held two editions of Model United Nations which were highly commended by the parents and students. Students enter the shoes of the delegates and discuss, deliberate and debate on world issues.

Co-Scholastic Activities

Multi-disciplinary projects, Student led seminars, debates, turncoats, spell bee’s, literary quest, Mathematics & Science exhibitions, theme based assemblies, Music & Dance, Art & Craft, talent shows, group discussions, academic fairs, external workshops by national and international Resource Persons, the list of co-scholastic activities are endless. Teaching and learning happen interactively at every level, encompassing and integrating each subject effectively.

Clubs and Committees

Leadership is not one man’s forte at Rockwoods. We believe that every student of ours is a leader and they are trained from a very young age to take on the responsibility of various committees and these students plan for their respective committees and carry out programs.

School Cabinet

School provides citizenship training for the students by holding elections modelling that of the nation.

Sports Club

The sports committee holds inter house sports and games competitions. They select teams for the inter-school competitions and help win plenty of laurels for the school.

Eco-Science Club

The club works in tandem with the Science department, to create awareness among the student community, regarding the importance of environment preservation.

Events and Celebrations

School is secular and celebrates all festivals irrespective of any religion, caste, creed, or nationality. Due importance is given to National festivals to instil the patriotic fervour.

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