How to encourage active learning in children?

How to encourage active learning in children?

How to encourage active learning in children?


Do you still believe in the mode of learning where teachers used to speak and kids used to grasp whatever was being taught? Well, that is now a bygone teaching method. With the increasing competition and learning turning into a practical activity, passive form of education is not what the present system would support. Thus, as a teacher, you should always try encouraging active learning in kids. Today, when the ability to communicate and be engaging enough are the main criteria to pull attention, active involvement is a key to help kids be learned individuals.

Top Active Learning Skills Tips

If you want to know to make your active learning practices work in the classroom, here are a few tips that you can follow

Introduce Activities

Giving a strong build-up before you introduce a lesson and its characters to kids is very important. Thus, start with an activity to let the kids get familiar with what they will be learning in the chapters to follow. When you engage them using different activities, they will willingly wait for each of the aspects they understand through the activity to appear in the scenes or events in the chapters. As they will wait, they will listen to everything minutely.

Initiate Discussions

After the chapters get over, have a topic for further discussion. Include the before and after events for the incidents or activities involved in the lessons. For example, let them know what could have happened if the scenario would change. The situation-based discussions will encourage the children’s thinking and facilitate critical learning in them.

Implement Role-Play

The role-play sessions ensure students’ active participation in learning. If you are into a dialogue-based chapter, assign those characters to individual students and help them read the respective lines with expressions. This will help the whole class remain alert as they would love to see expression-based role-play of the classmates. Continue the same with different sets of students every time a chapter starts or ends. During the role-play sessions, you can ask them to dress up accordingly. That will inculcate the emotional bonding with the characters.

Include Yourself

It is not solely about the engagement of kids, but the degree of your involvement as teacher too that determines how effective the sessions would be. When the teachers plays a part as students, the active learning process become even more effective. So, be a part of them during your classroom sessions.

Final Words

Implement the above active learning skills tips to encourage the same in kids and see the difference. Your efforts will surely turn out to be fruitful. Try them and share these tips with other teachers too.




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