CBSE Schools in Hyderabad with their respective fee structure:

CBSE Schools in Hyderabad with their respective fee structure:

CBSE Schools in Hyderabad with their respective fee structure:

CBSE Schools in Hyderabad are well-known for their quality of teaching as much as for their very large number of students. These schools are known to be some of the best schools in Hyderabad. These provide education to their students in a very effective way. There are many CBSE schools (Schools that are affiliated with CBSE Board) in Hyderabad . They are known for their best quality of education.  CBSE schools in Hyderabad provide quality education with quality infrastructure and good facilities. These are schools that accommodate students with all types of learning abilities. But along with all the facilities they provide, it is also important to ensure the fee structure in these schools is affordable to the public.

Here is the list of top 10 CBSE schools in Hyderabad along with fee structure.

  1. Rockwoods International School                                    - 1,40,000/-PA
  2. Global Indian International School                                 - 1,50,000/-PA
  3. The Hyderabad Public School                                           -1,40,000/-PA
  4. Delhi Public School                                                              -1,00,000/-PA
  5. Jubilee Hills Public                                                               -90300/-PA
  6. Suchitra Academy International Schoo                            -1,60,000/-PA
  7. Meridian School                                                                   -2,44,000/-PA
  8. DAV Public School                                                                - 45,100/- PA
  9. CHIREC International School                                             - 3,00,000/- PA
  10. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Public School                          - 30,000/-PA

Among all the CBSE schools in Hyderabad these the top rated CBSE schools that are highly affordable with reasonable fee structure. These schools are specifically built for the students and are equipped with the best resources for the students. The teachers are great and treat each student with love and care. The most BEST CBSE schools in Hyderabad are also the most affordable among all the other schools in the city with Rockwoods International School conquering the first place. It is highly certified and has a reasonable fee structure and offer the best education as compared to the other schools in the city . This school in Hyderabad has the best educational management system in Ghatkesar and in Hyderabad






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