Are you seeking admissions during Covid? Here are little pointers to assist you in getting started:

Are you seeking admissions during Covid? Here are little pointers to assist you in getting started:
The Covid has instilled new doubts in parents' minds about various aspects of school admissions. Parents are further bewildered by questions such as how to identify schools, visit them, complete out documents, send their children offline or continue digitally, and so on. Researching schools, speaking with them, understanding the curriculum, applying for admissions, entrance tests, interviews, fee submission, and finally, admission are all steps in the admission process at the best schools in Hyderabad. As a result of the increased number of Covid cases, educational institutions have adopted technology-based methods that make the admissions process and management easier without requiring students to visit the school. In this era of social alienation, parents can do a few crucial things to help their children get into one of the best international schools in Hyderabad.
Make video visits a priority:
It is unsafe to visit schools during covid times, but Rockwoods International School which is one of the best International schools in Ghatkesar, has made it a lot easier by offering video visits. Parents can use video conferencing to communicate with teachers and management to clear their uncertainties. A video tour also provides information on other factors such as infrastructure, classrooms, educational amenities, labs, etc.
Expert help is available:
Rockwoods International School provides a very good support in terms of Expert help if one wants to know anything about the school, For example, the Seat Vacancies, the Curriculum offered, Fee details, Board, etc. 
Online Evaluation for Admission:
During the pandemic, online evaluations have taken the place of traditional admissions tests. Rockwoods International School, Hyderabad considers merit-based admissions apart from the online evaluation, virtual interviews, in their admissions process.
Bottom Line:
The Covid pandemic has wreaked havoc on the educational system where the entire education system has turned online. Rockwoods International School has been up to date in bringing the necessary technology at the forefront and making the learning seamless. The above pointers can assist one  in getting started.




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