Why Rockwoods Public School is best CBSE school in Wanaparthy?

Why Rockwoods Public School is best CBSE school in Wanaparthy?

Rockwoods Public School previously known as Rankers Concept School went through a paradigm shift in its outlook as it adapted CBSE Curriculum.  RCS has been known for providing the best of education for more than a decade and ensuring students education was given the utmost importance.  However, as it metamorphosed to a CBSE school, the core of the National Curriculum Framework was brought into practice through DEAR Programs, Value Based Education, Cleanliness Drives, Field Trips, Digital classes on a daily basis as well as structured physical training sessions.   The Management at RPS believes every student needs to be enabled to read, write and express themselves in a manner that is on par with international students and are striving on a daily basis to drive teachers, students and staff to do their best.  Teachers are lead through continual trainings helping them understand how every student learns and enabling them approach each student differently.   Teachers are also evaluated on a weekly basis ensuring gaps in teaching are covered and students learning is empowered.  State of the art infrastructure, teacher-student ratio of 1:30, Assistant teachers providing remedial classes to weak students are a norm at RPS.  Results of such endeavours are visible in students securing prizes in District Level Science Competitions, Essay Writing Competitions and Inspire Awards.




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