Best International Schools in Hyderabad with fees structure

Best International Schools in Hyderabad with fees structure

Best International Schools in Hyderabad with fees structure

Hyderabad is one of the largest cities in India and is known for its international schools. These international schools in the city provide excellent education to students from all around the world. One of the best features about these international schools in Hyderabad is that they provide excellent amenities to students and a healthy environment to learn in. Many Hyderabad private schools are known for providing the highest quality of education in the country. These schools are attended by students from many countries around the world. Most of these schools are English medium schools that have a curriculum designed to meet the academic needs of international students.

Here are the top few International Schools in Hyderabad


1.Rockwooods International School                                  - 140000/-PA

2.Global Indian International school                                 -150000/-PA

3.Chirec International School                                             -300000/-PA

4.Oakridge International School                                         -350000/-PA

5.Indus International School                                                 -300000/-PA

6.Meru International School                                                 -170000/-PA

7.Birla Open Minds International School                           -330000/-PA

8.International School of Hyderabad                                  -500000/-PA

9.Sancta Maria International School                                  -300000/PA

10.Keystone International School                                        -400000/-PA


These schools provide a secure, clean and caring environment in which children can gain confidence, self-discipline and a strong moral sense as they develop a love of learning and seek to fulfill their potential. Among all these schools, Rockwoods International School, the best CBSE school In Ghatkesar,  provides children with a safe, supportive, inspiring and stimulating environment where they can develop their full potential: where they are provided with the skills, knowledge and confidence to make the most of the opportunities life presents them with.




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