Each classroom is spacious, and the desks and chairs comply with international standards with rounded edges and ergonomically designed for students. There is space for the faculty to move around the class and reach each child. Every class is equipped with an interactive digital board which has the latest technology. There are bulletin boards to ensure that students work is displayed. Storage spaces are present to keep the students' books within school campus for reduced bag weight. The classroom environment is enabling for effective learning to happen.

Kids Play Area

Kho Kho Court

Cricket Ground

Aakruthi MUN Club

Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations Programme and at Rankers, students get to choose the role they would likely play in the MUN. Discussion is held regarding the different Committees, Country that each student would like to be a delegate of and the Agenda. The Students are trained to speak in General Speakers List, Moderated Caucus and taught the lobbying skills required for participation in the MUN.

Aakruthi Reading Club

Avid Reading is encouraged at our school. We have a huge collection of books, and we motivate students to enroll in reading programmes, storytelling workshops. Our children are introduced to the importance of reading at a very early age which helps them to improvise in spoken and written languages and give wings to their imagination. One of the most important programs we use is Google Read Along App

Aakruthi Science Club

The A-SC or Aakruthi Science Club provides opportunities for experimenting with Science through activities such as Best out of Waste, Cleanliness Drives etc

Aakruthi Yoga and Meditation Club

The Aakruthi Yoga & Meditation Club is a place for rejuvenating and energising the mind as students spend time on meditating, pranayama exercises

Aakruthi Turncoat and Debating Club

The A-TDC allows the students to discuss, debate and deliver! Regular debating sessions are held where children are formally trained to participate in debates.

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