Aakruthi School - Karmanghat

The procedure of admission at Aakruthi School is the simplest one. Here, Merit alone matters. Of course, enough provisions have been made to take care of socially and financially.Based on the entrance tests, the children are evaluated and the admission is given accordingly. The children of the primary classes are interviewed along with their parents. The admissions are strictly based on first come first served basis.

Admission process time line

Applications are accepted from November onwards.

Nursery - 2 1/2 age
LKG - 3 1/2 AGE
UKG - 4 1/2 AGE
GRADE I - 5 1/2 AGE
GRADE IV - 8 1/2 AGE
GRADE V - 9 1/2 AGE
GRADE VI - 10 1/2 AGE
GRADE VII - 11 1/2 AGE
GRADE IX - 13 1/2 AGE
GRADE X - 14 1/2 AGE

Admission Process

The admission process to the playgroup and LKG begins, when the application is received by the school. An appointment will be scheduled for an interaction with the child and parents to assess the child's readiness for the kindergarten programme.

Admissions to all other classes will be subject to availability of space in the class to which the application relates.


* Digital Learning from Nursery to X standard.
* Neet and IIT coaching from VI to X standard.
* Every week's subject Feedback through WEEKLY TESTS.

Grade Total Fee 1st Term Fee 2nd Term Fee 3rd Term Fee
Nursery , LKG & UKG 33000 11000 11000 11000
Grade I , Grade II & Grade III 35000 12000 12000 11000
Grade IV & Grade V 38000 13000 13000 12000
Grade VI & Grade VII 46000 16000 16000 14000
Grade VIII & Grade IX 48000 16000 16000 16000
Grade X 52000 18000 18000 16000

Frequently Asked Questions related to admissions

When does the admission process begin?

The process begins in the month of November every year.

Does the school take up any co-curricular activity?

Yes, in Martial Arts like Fine Arts, Crafts, Music, Dance, Games & Sports, Cricket and carpentry.

What is the strength in each class?

Approximately 25 students per section.

Can I admit my child in the middle of the year?

Transfer and genuine cases are considered.

Does the school conduct Occasional course ?

Yes, the school conducts orientation programmes and personality development sessions at regular intervals to students and teachers.

Does the school have medical facility ?

Yes, regular and periodic check-ups are conducted by a qualified doctor between Monday to Friday.